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The kill is an integral volleyball statistic that denotes a successful attack by an offensive team. So, what is a kill in volleyball? The simple definition of a kill is an offensive attack that is un-returnable by the opponent and scores a point or side out for the offensive team. A great coach or player is a student of the game.

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Kill. What Is The Definition Of A Kill In Volleyball? 1. This is a spike, or attack, in volleyball that cannot be returned by the defensive team therefore resulting in an immediate point for the offensive team. 1. The outside hitter spikes the ball past the diving defender and now has 12 kills on the night. 1.

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Answer: A volleyball kill can come in a few forms: 1. The obvious one is when a player, using a swinging motion hits the ball and it touches the floor on the opponents end without touching an opponent.

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These 2 hitting terms are the spike volleyball definition of the word "kill" and the word "attack" used on the scoresheet used when a player scores a point. (Michael E. Johnston) These two terms explain the spike volleyball definition for the words and lingo used for hitters

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These terms describe what its called when you hit a volleyball specifically the 'kill', 'spike', 'hit' and 'attack' which are 4 diff types of volleyball hits. Types of Volleyball Hits- A kill is recorded when a player scores a point or a sideout by successfully attacking the ball onto the opposing team's court floor. (Ralph Arvesen) YouTube.

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A kill is the technical term for a spike/hit that is not dug or passed by the opposing team, meaning it is not returned over the net. What is an assist in volleyball? an assist in volleyball is when a setter sets the ball to the hitter for a kill

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Kill – An attack that is un-returnable in which it either hits the floor or a controlled second contact cannot be made off of the dig. This type of dig is often called a “shank”. A kill results in a point for the attacking team. Sideline – The two lines that run the length of the court are called “sidelines”. They are a total of 60 ...

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Kill A kill is a successful hit by an attacker that results in a point for the attacking team. Kills are executed by hitting the ball off a block or down onto the opponents floor. Volleyball Dig Volleyball terminology for a dig is defined as passing a spiked or hard hit